Fat Burning Secrets that Everyone Ought to Remember and Apply

The “Battle of the Bulge” (Obesity, Excessive Body Fat and The Overweight Problem) is one of the most ubiquitous medical problems and is likely largely responsible for the the planet’s  next major predicted Pandemic, featuring the components of the Metabolic Syndrome (which also  includes Hypertension, Hyperglycemia, Glucose Intolerance, Hyperlipidemia and their sequelae). It impacts the world’s economy with a drain on its resources, largely due to the excessive costs of health-care financing and undoubtedly is already about to greatly shorten average universal lifespan.

It is not surprisingly, then, that there has been a has been a fervent quest to discover the secrets to the solution of the dilemma. The following post is a brief curation of yet another article attempting to solve the problem:


Turn your body into the FAT-BURNING machine it was meant to be. Burning fat is NOT about calories or even exercise. There are the fat burning secrets that everyone needs to know!

Our fat burning system is more closely tied with the kinds of foods we eat and the timing of when we eat them. Learn how the body really metabolizes and uses fat.

If the “eat less and exercise more” to lose weight method worked, everyone would be at their perfect weight, because we all know what we’re supposed to do. And most people really try to do this–unfortunately without too much success.

Then we beat ourselves up when we can’t do those two simple things and get long-term results. It’s so frustrating

If “eat less and exercise more” worked to lose weight, everyone would be at their perfect size


Fat Metabolism

One of the things always going on inside your body is the movement of fat into and out of your cells. This goes on all day, everyday.

Most of us are, of course, more concerned with the fat that seems to grow and stubbornly stay put.

Losing fat can seem hopeless. And if you follow popular dieting advice, it pretty much is hopeless, because the old calories in/calories burned formula doesn’t take into account the fat burning secrets that everyone needs to know.

Yet, with some understanding and patience, your body WILL work with you. It likes to be well fed, appreciated, and understood. In other words, you have to love your body and feed it and treat it like you do love it. Most importantly,you have to understand how it works.

The Fat Burning Secrets that Everyone Needs to Know

The secret you have to know, to make real, sustainable progress is to understand that there are hormones running the body weight and fat-processing functions. When you work against these hormones, your body will not properly burn fat as energy and you will store too much of it instead.

Work with your body’s hormones and you can burn fat and more easily maintain your weight.


The Fat Burning Secret—Your Hormones: Insulin, Leptin, and Glucagon


I’m starting with insulin since we’ve all heard of it, especially in regard to diabetics. Because of it’s connection with diabetes it kind of seems like a scary hormone. But it’s not. It’s an incredible hard-working hormone that has to put up with a lot of dietary crap these days. In fact, it is the hormone that is kind of in charge of most other hormones. You definitely want to understand this hormone!

In the most basic function, insulin regulates the movement of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins from the blood into cells to use immediately or to use later. However, it is very integral in tending to blood sugar levels.

When you eat carbohydrates, Insulin is released to deal with this. In a diet that isn’t too high in sugar consumption, insulin processes the glucose and all is well. In normal amounts this allows your body to use these carbohydrates for energy as well as drawing on the circulating fat.

Remember that sugar comes from many sources, not just things that are made from sugar. Breads and pastas also act as sugar. All these things cause your blood sugar to rise after eating.

Unfortunately, most diets are so high in sugar or foods that act like sugar, insulin struggles to keep up with the workload. That’s when the trouble begins.

Eating too many carbohydrates, too often, means your body will always be burning this fuel source rather than tapping into fat.



Leptin is your body’s fat regulator and delivers messages from your cells to your brain, advising the brain whether there is enough fuel on hand for normal activities. Leptin regulates your overall hunger and activity levels.

Why You Feel Hungry When You Shouldn’t

It would be reasonable to think that with all the fat most of us have stored, that Leptin would simply say, “Hey brain, there’s plenty of fat here for all activities…no need to activate hunger right now.”

However, modern food, is not really food. Modern processed foods are often designed to override your natural hunger signals. Even though a person eating real food will be sensitive to the body’s signals, when you are addicted to processed foods that are usually high in sugar or foods that act like sugar, your natural system isn’t going to work like it should.

It’s Not About Willpower!

Unfortunately, this leads to your brain not getting the messages it needs to properly control your hunger. When the brain can’t understand that you have enough fat on hand, it begins to think you need more. Without proper leptin signals, your brain thinks you need to eat more and unfortunately this can be way stronger than your willpower.


Glucagon works with your insulin to allow your body to access stored energy and keeps your blood sugar from dropping too low. This is a good thing. However, if there is too much insulin in the blood stream (all those high carb meals and snacks) then glucagon cannot tell the cells to use stored body fat as fuel.

Why You Aren’t Burning Fat

The sad fact is that most people eat so many processed and high carb foods that they constantly have elevated insulin levels and are storing energy in the form of fat rather than releasing it. Ideally, when you are between meals your body should be using its fats stores but it can’t because if you’re continually eating the wrong things too often, glucagon cannot do its job.

The Fat Burning Secrets That Everyone Needs to Know About

The secret to working with your hormones is eating real food in sufficient quantities to nourish your body, to keep hunger and cravings away, and allow the body the time it needs to process each meal properly.

I used to be one of those people that ate and snacked all day long. I don’t anymore. I rarely crave sweets or junk food. I eat three meals a day and rarely eat anything after my evening meal.

Here’s a free printable of sugars and foods that act like sugar in your body.
Sugar and Foods That Act Like Sugar

None of that is because I have strong willpower! I simply don’t. I had always been something of a binge eater until I discovered the power of simply eating food: protein, vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats.

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